Minggu, 16 April 2017

Dewa Athena 2017

Hello everybody!

Now I want to tell you about my experience. On March until April my school held the dewath or dewa athena that is we usually call the program of sport in my school. The program be held in Bali field. 

First day dewath on 25 March I can't go because I was sick. So in first day I can't join the competition because I must get rest in home.

On 1 April I join the competition. Before the competition begin I and my classmate took the picture. I played tug of war and futsal for girl. And while waiting the competition begin I saw the another who play on competition. My class play a goodly game or competition. But we just won 3 game in that day that it tug of war, volleyball, and relay race. And we play again that game in final.

And on 8 April beside the final of dewath my school held the paman gober too. I don't join paman gober but for dewath I join it. In that day schedule for competition is begin very late it makes me and my classmate wait to long. That's to bad. My class don't win anything but the competition very fun beside the time I enjoy it. Hmmm.. I think enough for now, I hope you like it. See you again!

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