Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Learn from Nature

           Meaning of  “Nature” is the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plans, animals, the landscape, and other features and product of earth, as opposed to human or human creations (Wikipedia). So, you think question like “What is that? “”Why we must learn from nature?” and “What we can do for nature?”, when you see the topic. Yaa learn from nature can be anything, we can make the world change to be better if we protect or know about the nature. Nature can help us or can make the world in danger. We life in nature but we didn’t know very well about nature, nature is very important for life.

            Learn from nature can be done by anyone, and for me learn from nature is the important lesson. At the first we must know the problem about nature in the world or at the surrounding. I and my friend finding the common problem which is excessive exploitation, destruction caused by humans, species extinction, and dangerous or possibly lethal change. That problem is conditions in nowadays. Let’s we explain one by one. Excessive exploitation often we meet in daily life the problem like deforestation (removal of a forest), destruction caused by human. Species extinction is very dangerous because animal or plant can remove from nature if we don’t care about it.

From nature we learn about everything which is we can be beauty, calmness and peace, tenacity or helpful of course we can respect about surrounding environment.

And we must do the prevention if we want to protect nature. Example we can do the 3R. 3R is reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce meaning is To reduce is to use less, the meaning reuse is To reuse is to use something again instead of throwing it away or sending it off to a recycling company, and recycle is To recycle is to turn items into new objects instead of throwing them in the trash. And else like comply with regulations on preserving nature. Or planting plants and everything to keep nature.

I have experience about learn from nature, I have to clean the river when I in junior high school in that day is very unforgettable moment because that is my first time. And I like to camp because when I do the camping in the mountain, hill or something like that I can feel the fresh air and makes me comfort to stay in nature.

So, in the nature we have learn about everything like I, you must do anything for help nature itself. Nature need your help. From we to nature and from nature for us. This enough for me. Good bye.. don’t forget to keep nature to future!.

And you can see a fuller explanation about 3R in : http://www.brighthub.com/environment/green-living/articles/95401.aspx               

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