Minggu, 08 Januari 2017


Hi, Everybody!

Today, I wan't to tell you about my holiday. My big family planning this holiday we have to camp in Natural Hill but i don't know that place. We spent three day in there at 30 december 2016 until 1 January 2017. Yes, we have to celebrate new year too. 

The place is good, there is a lot of tree, traditional house,traditional games and also area to tent. When I came to that place I and another help to caring the bag in car to the tent. I was very happy because I can celebrate my birthday. I trough my family forget my birthday but i don't know in the evening when we have the time to playing game my brother came to that place, before he say she can't came because work. But he came and caring the chocolate cake, And another family sing song happy birthday together. I fell very happy and after that I must see one by one family to say thanks and they wish me to be good in every thing. And we enjoy the dinner and eat a cake. Yeee..

In day two we walk to saw the waterfall, the place is far in way we took a photo, and we have a good time together. I disappointed because the waterfall is different in my mind the waterfall is big but is just little in there. But I very happy because we can see the view. We was playing tarditional games too in there. When the daylight we back to the tent and eat for lunch. The food is very good. And in the night we playing games like the before day, we laugh and have chat about every think. And in that night we have to roasted corn and chicken, it's very delicious because we eat together, and waiting for a new year. 

Tomorrow we must go home and in the morning I went to the market with my aunt to buy flour, I went there by motorcycle. And after we already we back to home. That's amazing holiday.
Thanks to read my blog. Bye see you latter.

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