Senin, 26 September 2016

My Unforgettable Moment

Hi Everybody!

Now I want to tell you about my unforgettable moment. At the time when I and family go to Medan we have many unforgettable moment. I go there when I was in 4 grade elementary school. The ride take a 2 hours by plane and there is first time I go by plane, you know I was very afraid because is my first time but my cousin tell me don't be afraid and everything alright I trust her and then we arrive to Medan. In the plane we can see the view on the plane.

In airport we must go again to house we stay at Medan. We arrive in house and after that we lunch together. Weather in Medan is so hot that different with Bandung. The first day in Medan we take to stay in house. In second day I take a long trip which is we go to the Masjid Raya Medan, Maimun palace, and the mall. We go by a bentor yeah it's a public transport in Medan. And in Masjid Raya Medan I see a lot of tourist. We go to beach in three day we go by car with my cousin friend, but that improper choice because the weather. And we take a lot photo and eat coconut it's very fresh.
In the four day my cousin must go but I forget what is the name of the island. So I, my mother, my little cousin and my aunt decide to go to the Lake Toba. Lake Toba is the bigger lake in the Indonesia. We go there by car and take 4 hours from house we stay.

In Lake Toba the weather is cold and we decide to stay three day in the hotel. I was very happy because I have to play with water in the Lake Toba, We take a rest and go to Samosir Island and the next day. In Lake Toba I trow up because I eat to much. Hahaha... And then I and My cousin play in the lake and my aunt keeping us on the edge of the lake. After that we back to house in Medan and we must get ready for go home. But one day before we go home we come to mall and play game master after that we visit the Masjid Raya Medan for last time and eat durian. We eat a lot of durian because durian is fruit from Medan and taste is good. But now i don't like durian again maybe because I eat a lot durian at the time. I don't know yeahh. After that we go home because we must to go to school again.

That's is my Unforgettable Moment I hope you like it. See you on my next blog byee...

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