Sabtu, 17 September 2016


Hi guys ! 
To my blog today I want tell you about my experience in Megantara last week at 10 September 2016, yaa as you know Megantara is a festival art, literature and culture prepared by 3 senior high school. Megantara held in Bali Field and open gate start at 11.30 a.m. But I and my friend come in the morning to join parade first. We have to wear a traditional clothes and I wear kebaya. After parade we go to the school to change clothes. And look around for eat.

In there I met my bestfriend in junior high school, they come there for meet each other because we rarely see. Of course I really happy to meet them. After gate is open we go into the Bali Field. In there be found so many food courts and also big stage for any performance, we walking around to search place to sit. Then my friend feel hungry and we decide to buy some food. Food is really have a nice taste but I didn’t buy because I have eat before come to Bali Field. The most food you must try is sate padang yaa this traditional food from Padang, West Sumatra.

At 06.00 p.m my bestfriend must go home because her mother call her to go. I didn’t go home too because my parent not yet pick me up. And I continue enjoy the show after I found my friend. Performance of The Changcuters and RAN was fantastic you know! I really exited enjoy their performance. Before the show is over I have to go home because my parent already pick me up. I hope the festival like that always be held every year and always get better than before.

This was cool experience yaa, I hope you like it. See yaa.. 

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