Minggu, 28 Agustus 2016

School Competition

Hai guys welcome again to my blog!

Now i want to tell you about my first school competition. The name of my schoool competition is World Tournament and Techno Fest or usually call by WTTF which held on August 20th 2016. The rule of the competition is we have to win the challenge at every post which passed by us and we have to kill the aliens in the way between two post.
First and second grade must follow the competition. The competition start at 06.30 a.m. We were divided to a few group. One group is all the member in one class. The opponent of my class X Ipa 8 was XI Ipa 8, and then we went to school corridor to get the map and two water balloons for kill the aliens.

In Post 1 we have to answer the question and my class is lose in this post, but in the post 2 we win the challenge to make a robot from cardboard. In post 3 we have to play a twister game. In the post 4 we have to play a fighter game this game we win again. and post 5 we have a eat the super hot noodle. in the post 6 we have to play again but i forget what game is it. In the 7 post we have to play the which entitled second winner. In post 8 we have to play football game on the playstation. And in post 9 we have to play a flappy game we win again in the post. After that we came to the last post, in post 10 we have to catch shawl every opponent player.

And the last challenge is we have to arrange the puzzle that we got in every post if we win the challenge. In this challenge every class in first grade group up versus second grade to finish the puzzle first.

The competition was end at 04.00 p.m then my class get pizza for winning the game. Yeayyy!!!

I think that enough for the story of WTTF i hope you like it. See yaa...

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