Senin, 25 Juli 2016


Hello, everyone!

Because this is my fisrt blog I want to tell you about myself. My full name is Tazkia Mulya Salsabila. But you can call me Tazkia. I born in Bandung, 30 December 2000. My junior high school is 48 junior high school. I really proud because I in 3 senior high school now, 3 senior high school was favorit school in Bandung that’s why I so proud to study in there. My class is X IPA 8. My hobby is reading books but I like to reading a novel. Oh and then I live with my family on Sunda Street,  Bandung.

And, let’s talk about my family my mother is a teacher, her name is Dewi Gustini Mulya Amperawati to long for a name yaa but I have to call her Mama. And my father is a employe, his name is Sarkan is different to my mother he has a short name and I call him Papa. I have one big bro. His name is M. Hizkia Afrianto. My brother like to teach me about my difficult subject. I lucky to have my family.

You can communicate with me in social media except my blog, you can use Line, Instagram and email this my id
Line and instagram : tazkiaadis

I think enough for now. I hope you like my blog. See you in my next blog okay.

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